About Us

New Life Coffee is a company dedicated to providing an exceptional coffee drinking experience to everyone with our freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee and Soyava coffee substitutes.

We roast all of our own coffee with roasting profiles that we developed and use only premium Arabica coffee beans for a delicious and unique cup of coffee.

Our all-natural, caffeine-free, soy-based Soyava Coffee Substitute is made using fresh roasted non-GMO soybeans grown in the USA combined with only all-natural ingredients.

We also provide service to businesses wishing to provide coffee, tea, and other beverages to their employees and customers. We offer quick and easy to use online ordering, free delivery, and equipment for brewing and serving our coffee and other beverages.

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Our Products

  • We exclusively purchase certified specialty-grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance certified and Fair Trade certified distributors.
  • For product consistency and the in ultimate quality control, we only roast in small batches and utilize proprietary computer-control systems on all our roasters.
  • Maintaining product freshness by minimizing contact with oxygen and moisture is crucial so we package all our products in simple-to-use resealable Zip-Pak foil bags.
  • Our premium coffee substitute products are produced using only certified non-GMO* soy beans from Minnesota.
  • Each line of products we manufacture features unique color-coded labels with clear, large-format print for quick and easy identification.
  • Unlike other coffee substitutes on the market, our premium coffee substitutes are the only products packaged and brewed the same as real coffee.

Our Origins

Our company began with an old-world coffee substitute recipe used by families during World War II when coffee was in short supply. After years of research, we perfected the recipe using non-GMO soybeans and state-of-the-art computer profile roasting technology. The result was a gluten-free beverage which tastes remarkably similar to coffee but contains no caffeine or decaffeinated coffee and is low in acid. Anyone who enjoys the overall appeal of coffee, but desires a beverage instead of coffee, will find our Soyava Coffee Substitute very satisfactory with the most coffee-like flavor of any substitute on the market.*

Many other coffee substitutes are heavily flavored and have no resemblance to the taste of real coffee, but rather have a distinct flavor of their own. Our coffee substitute is different, yet remarkably similar to real coffee, especially when enjoyed with a small amount of your favorite creamer and/or sugar.

By customer request, we introduced a coffee substitute blend for those who enjoy regular coffee but want to reduce their caffeine and/or acid intake. Combining profile-roasted Arabica coffee with our Soyava Coffee Substitute produces a beverage containing half the caffeine and less acid than ordinary coffee while retaining the desirable qualities of pure coffee. For coffee-lovers, our Soyava & Coffee Blend is an excellent first step away from pure coffee without any sacrifice.

For the coffee-lover at heart, our company recently developed a line of specialty 100% Arabica coffees from around the world. By applying the same profile roasting technology we invented while developing our coffee substitute, we were able to offer unmatched quality and consistency to every coffee we roast.

We always welcome new ideas and suggestions. Please let us know what products you would like us to produce!

*If you are a coffee drinker and have a desire or need to abstain from coffee completely, you will find most coffee substitutes are a radical departure from the taste and smell of real coffee. We believe our Soyava coffee substitute is the most-similar to real coffee of the substitutes available, especially when enjoyed with a small amount of your favorite creamer and/or sugar.