About Us

New Life Coffee® is a veteran-owned family company dedicated to offering innovative new coffee beverage products and exceptional customer service.

Our Beginnings

Our company name, logo and slogan are a direct reflection of our very first consumer product, a coffee replacement for the healthcare industry. The product began with an old- world coffee substitute recipe used by family during World War II when coffee was in short supply. After years of research we perfected the recipe using denatured organic non-GMO soybeans and introduced Soyava®, our unique branded coffee replacement product that consumers could brew like ordinary coffee. The color, taste, and smell of Soyava® is remarkably similar to coffee without caffeine, acid, or allergenic compounds.

At the inception of New Life Coffee® and the product Soyava®, coffee was decaffeinated using harsh chemicals that affected the taste and quality of coffee while also leaving behind an acidic chemical residue. A new process, water decaffeination, began to emerge and with careful roasting we were able to produce a smooth and caffeine-free cup of coffee similar in quality to Soyava®. Although Soyava® is still produced today, most customers have switched to our new line of water-processed decaffeinated coffees.

Where We Are Today

While creating Soyava®, we wanted to understand how regular, caffeinated coffee was roasted, so we also explored several coffee roasting techniques. We experimented with several different coffee varieties of caffeinated coffee from around the world and passed along samples to our customers and family. Our coffee was liked so much that we decided to add coffee to our line of products. Very quickly coffee became our best-selling product. Over time, we have added several more blends and single-origin coffees, along with water- process decaffeinated coffee. We now offer over 20 different flavors, so anyone can find a coffee to suit their tastes.

Our Process

The best coffee starts with premium green beans. Working with quality importers worldwide, we only purchase 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee, and as a certified Fair Trade Organic coffee roaster, we also make certain to purchase Fair Trade, USDA Organic, and/or Rainforest Certified when available. Specialty-grade contains few defects and is the most uniform, highest grade of Arabica coffee available.

The process of roasting coffee is both a science and an art; neither of these academia should be rushed or there are sacrifices. Our focus has always been quality before quantity and intense competition forced us to take an innovative approach to coffee roasting. To keep our products price competitive, we combined our knowledge of industrial equipment and computer technology to fully automate our entire production process. Our proprietary designs are both unique and highly effective, producing a consistent quality product regardless of natural variations in raw materials.

In addition to our custom automation, further product quality is obtained through our use of specialty-built coffee roasters. Unlike other coffee roasters, our specialty roasters produce less coffee per hour but we are easily and accurately able control every aspect of roasting to create a richer, better tasting cup of coffee. After roasting, our modified atmosphere packaging systems and temperate storage facilities keep our products fresh.

We hope that our coffee selection is rich with variety and there is a flavor for every customer.

Bring new life to your cup of coffee!